For centuries, Christians have been living lies of their experiences in receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They recite scriptures that brings about no real impact in their lives at all. Many Christians live their entire lives in full-blown deception, believing that the scriptures are working for them, but never seeing any real results at all.

They recite scriptures about healing and yet live their lives filled with sickness and diseases. They recite scriptures about financial prosperity but live lives of deep financial struggle, all while giving much of their hard-earned money to the pastor.

They recite scriptures of being victorious but yet Satan is always stomping both of their ears together.

I’ve come to learn that that lifestyle is very prevalent in many Christians because they have no revelation of Kingdom.

Jesus didn’t come to present Christianity, Jesus came to present The Kingdom. Jesus came to teach and preach The Kingdom Of God and The Kingdom Of Heaven, and He demonstrated the kingdom through His life.

Jesus demonstrated power and authority to the full and He said that we are to live the same way. All the gospels teach this but the religion of Christianity has made the power and authority of the Kingdom non-effective.

Many Christians live lives filled with lies that are filled with misquoting and misrepresenting scriptures. As a result, many people who are connected to them unknowingly fall prey to lives of deception and struggle in every area of their lives as well.

Jesus gave commands to make disciples not Christians, and this is one of the biggest downfalls of the church. Without the powerful revelation of the Kingdom, Satan will continue with his crafty pursuit of advancing his kingdom through the religious stunts and tactics of the church.

Jesus spoke a parable of the new wineskin and He said something that was so powerful in that parable. He said that they would keep the old because it’s better.

Christians for the most part, don’t want the real truth about Jesus because they’ve been taught so much foolishness til they have been addicted to being lied to through the scriptures.

The scripture says that Jesus confirms His word with signs following. His word is The Kingdom !!!

Yours Truly

Pastor Eryk Hood


When you finally find out you’re being deceived and by who, and you don’t do anything about it, you no longer can be angry at the former deceiver. Because now you’ve become your very own deceiver.